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We modify our services based off the consistently changing needs of our clients. We add services needed and inquired about (if we are capable) and we also remove services that do not seem to be sought after. We stay up to date with research and new bodywork methods as the field evolves. You can rest assured that we have your best interest at heart. Always.


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Our main interests are trying to help others the best way we know how– through MASSAGE! We take pride in our bodywork and strive to become the place to go to for all your massage needs. We are the MASSAGE EXPERTS! Each Independent Massage Therapist brings diversity to the menu. Clients can feel assured knowing that here, you will receive to most genuine, top quality, expert level holistic healing & massage therapy treatments.

Sometimes clients need direction choosing. Clients must also remember that all Therapists are different. A service you received somewhere else may not be the same as what you get here. After all, we are not into doing the “ordinary” or “basic” massages. Every person is different & we like to think that our work is different for each person. Your Therapist will inform you about the bodywork they perform so you can assure the treatment you receive is just right.

My Happy Place is the home for Independent Therapists who have the best attributes needed to be their own boss. We make our own hours, take our own payments, sell our own products, provide our own upgrades and we all bring something different to the table!

If you know of a Therapist who would complement our team, tell them about us! We would love to meet them. Who knows, our happy place might turn into their happy place too!

If you’re unsure about which treatment is best for what would best fit your needs, Let us help you.

You can view the full descriptions of each service under the “Massage Services” tab.

1st you want to think about what your goal is for your session.

What TYPE of massage are you looking for? If you want a full body relaxation massage, Swedish (light pressure) & Deep Tissue (firm/ heavy pressure) is where its at.

Do you have a pathology? Meaning, is there something particular that needs to be addressed? Some examples may include Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Whiplash from a car accident, post surgical rehabilitation, Scholiosis, SI Joint dysfunction, you simply experience neck or back pain from daily poor posture or sleeping wrong, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, any sort of nerve pain, or “knots” that give you trouble everyday. If you require a focus with any such needs, you will want a Trigger Point/ Myofascial massage. This massage may be a focus on just the upper body or maybe it’s a full body, but the focus is on the problem at hand. The pressure is deeper (except with John Barnes Myofascial) & we may need your assistance with certain stretches and such. Just breathe.

How much time can you give us to ensure you receive the BEST outcome? Typically, 45 minutes is something you get on your lunch break. 60 minutes is the standard for monthly maintenance. 75-90  minutes gives us the time to focus on a particular problem. 90 minutes- 2 hrs ensures a true relaxation massage.

How do you know if you might want or need to add something to your service? We have what you call UPGRADES. If you want to relax, Aromatherapy or a Salt/ Sugar Scrub helps so much. It puts you in a different place. A different frame of mind. If you need tension relieved, yet you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want the deep pressure, add Cupping or Hot Stones. If your areas of concern are deep, down to the structure of your body (your bone structure), add our TAJ 360 degree wrap before your massage. The PEMF & infrared is perfect & does just that– gets right to the deepest level of your body structure & muscular system. If you think you may be “sore” after your massage, try adding CBD Salve or Biofreeze. They’re perfect!

We have more, so we’ve suggested the correlated upgrades on the pages of each service. Just ask your Therapist!! And if your Therapist doesn’t have something you’d like, STILL ASK! We may be able to add it by the time you come back!


Relaxation Massage

A Swedish massage is the most well-known and widely practiced type of therapeutic massage—and for good reason.


Pain Relief

Trigger Point Therapy is a form of manual therapy that focuses on detecting and releasing trigger points


Tandem Massage

Yes, That’s right! You get this right here at MHP! The 1st in Harford County to offer it!


Lymphatic Drainage

MLD massage is manual massage manipulation to the tissues relating to the circulatory & lymphatic system.


Taj Series 360

The 360 Wrap series is the newest innovation in our gemstone technology that gives the user exposure to the most comprehensive full-body experience to date.


Holistic Massages

Enjoy this double-dose of restoration & relaxation by combining Reiki & Swedish Massage. Soothe your nervous system and clear out any “energetic junk” that’s causing you stress, anxiety, depression


Hand & Hot Stone

A hand and hot stone massage can help you enter into a deep state of relaxation as the tension releases from your body. Using the heated stones allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure without causing you any discomfort.


Pre-Natal Massage

Prenatal massage can really help moms-to-be deal with the stress, anxiety and aches and pains associated with pregnancy.


Youth Massage

Consent forms must be signed by a parent or guardian for all clients under age 18 & under 16 years old, a parent needs to be in the room present.


Massage Upgrade

Aromatherapy, Sugar/ Salt Scrubs are available upon request. Make sure to ask when scheduling. Different therapists offer different items.

Based on 94 reviews
Alyssa Dietrich
Alyssa Dietrich
I had a deep tissue/sports massage a few weeks ago and I cannot wait until I can go back. It left me feeling a hundred times better and for days afterwards I could feel my body readjusting itself back to it's proper place because the massage loosened my muscles so well. I work full time as a horse trainer so my body takes a beating. I felt totally rejuvenated and returned to work with more energy and way less pain!
Samantha Lipinski
Samantha Lipinski
My husband and I recently went for a couples massage close to the end of May; and my goodness I STILL feel amazing! I’ve had serious shoulder tightness and pain and it’s gone, just with a 90 minute massage. If you are looking for excellent quality massage, a super cute atmosphere and aesthetic, as well as something close to home- then you need to check out My Happy Place!
Jennifer Deets
Jennifer Deets
I suffer with chronic neck pain and tightness. After my myofascial scraping/massage with Danielle, I left feeling amazing. My pain was relieved and muscles were nice and relaxed. I can’t not wait for my next session!
mike parr (Mike Parr USA)
mike parr (Mike Parr USA)
Hurt my back lifting heavy items and I was hoping a massage would help me fix this issue without having to go to a chiropractor. Vickie did a fantastic job with my massage and I am feeling much better. No chiropractor needed! Excellent massage!
Samantha Cook
Samantha Cook
Julia is amazing! I booked the 2 hr energy restoration massage and reiki session and left feeling relaxed yet energized and clear-headed. Julia’s calm energy and attentiveness made me feel comfortable and taken care of. I’ll definitely be sure to rebook! The studio is a hidden gem. it is so cute and quiet. The little details and decor really make the studio warm and cozy. I’ll be back to check out other services and providers!
ann hendrix
ann hendrix
Danielle did what is called scraping so glad she recommended it after getting about 30 hrs sleep in 25 days I finally slept yeah thank you!!!!
D Dogimama
D Dogimama
The spa has a tranquil and tasteful decor. The therapists are wonderful. My blood pressure drops just walking in. My new “Happy Place”.
Jessica Whittington
Jessica Whittington
I'm so happy to have found this massage studio! I find the studio incredibly relaxing and comfortable. It's such a nice treat to get a massage here. It's good for both my physical and mental health. I've had 2 massages and just scheduled my third!
Melanie Baker
Melanie Baker
I can’t say enough about how great this place (specifically Vickie) is! I suffer from pretty chronic neck and back pain and sitting in the parking lot after my “trigger point” massage I feel relief for the first time in a long time. She was knowledgeable and honest about expectations given my situation. She went above and beyond! The atmosphere and staff are just as lovely. Will be back!
Miah Teter
Miah Teter
Vickie was absolutely amazing! It was my first massage and she made me feel so comfortable. The place was so relaxing. Definitely recommend

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