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We have them listed below along with some recommended (not limited to) services
Different Therapists offer different items, yet some of them, we ALL offer!

Service Massage Therapist Cost Techniques used on
CBD Pain Relieving Salve (with THC)- Salve (+$10) 3 or less focus areas


CBD 3,000mg (w/o THC)- Salve (+$10) 3 or less focus areas

Vickie, Lauren $10-$20 Medical Massage
Trigger Point
Massage Gun Vickie, Lauren, Julia $10 Medical Massage
Deep Tissue
TP / Myofascial
Collagen & Stem Cell Infused Lavender Shea or Charcoal Hand/ Foot Scrub Vickie $15 Swedish, Deep Tissue
Crystal Sage Infused
Aromatherapy Blend Cream: Release, Be Sore No More, Focus, Vitality, Love(Used with Deep Tissue Massage Cream)
Vickie $10 Any service
5 Swedish,
Lymph Drainage
Cupping (Silicone) Vickie, Lauren, Julia $10 Trigger Point/
Deep Tissue, Sports
Taj 360 Wrap Lauren, Vickie, Julia $25 Any service
Reiki Julia $15 Swedish, Energy Restoration
Hot Stones (1 focus area only) Julia $25 Swedish Massage
Energy Restoration
Cold Stone Face Massage Julia $15 Swedish, Energy Restoration
Graston/Gua Sha Julia $10 John Barns Myofascial
Sugar Scrub (Hands or Feet/ Hands & Feet) Julia $10/ $15 Swedish, Energy Restoration, Hot Stone, Prenatal


CBD Salve

An organic salve used to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness & pain. This salve immediately relaxes the muscles, thus making it easier for the Therapist to get in on a desired level for the best treatment. Once you apply CBD salve for pain topically, the oil-based lipids deliver phytochemicals throughout your skin cells’ membranes. At this stage, the CBD can start its physiological mechanisms to surround your tissue and cell layers. Include this with any Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point/ Myofascial, Prenatal, Medical, 4 Handed massage or even a Couple’s massage!

Cold Stone Face Massage

Cold Stone massage involves using smooth marble stones chilled on ice and gliding them gently over the face and neck. This type of cryotherapy is relaxing and has several potential health and wellness benefits such as relieving migraines, improving skin condition, and relieving sinus & allergy symptoms. Combined with hot towels for extra relaxation! Add this to an Energy Restoration, Swedish, Prenatal, Reiki, Couples or 4- Handed massage service.

TAJ Series 360 Wrap

NEW innovative gemstone technology that promotes natural healing with Jade, Amethyst & Tourmaline crystals added to your massage table. Relax in the presence of far infrared rays, negative ions, photon lights, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies. Undergo expedited detoxification and joint pain relief with minimal effort. Feel the tension escape your muscles as your energy levels rapidly replenish.

Collagen & Stem Cell Infused Lavender Shea or Charcoal- Hand/ Foot Scrub

A deep cleansing Charcoal or Lavender Shea hand/ or foot scrub infused with collagen and stem cells used to minimize pores & exfoliate the skin making it very soft and subtle.

Crystal Sage Infused Aromatherapy Cream

Release, Be Sore No More, Focus, Vitality, Love(Used with Deep Tissue Massage Cream)

A blend of pure essential oils in which all have anywhere from 2-18 real crystals & blended into a cream for your skin. Add this to any Swedish, Prenatal, Couples or 4- Handed massage service.

Graston Technique/Gua Sha

The Graston Technique is a form of hands-on therapy known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. It is one of a number of manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scraping the skin gently. The therapy is designed to help the therapist identify areas of restriction and attempt to break up scar tissue. Add this to a John Barnes Myofascial massage, Couples or 4- Handed massage service.

Sugar Scrub

Your treatment begins with relaxing warm towels, then the granules from the sugar is used to exfoliate & remove the dead skin from either your hands or your feet. Follow this with even more warm towels and some aromatherapy, your hands or feet OR hands & feet will thank you & leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated. Include this with your Swedish massage, couples or 4- Handed therapy treatment.

Hot Stones

This add-on is for one area of your choice- neck, back, arms/hands, or legs/feet. The extra warmth from the stones can provide faster therapeutic results, even deeper relaxation, and increased circulation. Add this to any Swedish, Energy Restoration, Couples or 4- Handed massage.

Massage Gun

This electronic device is often used by US to relieve pain and improve blood circulation. When done correctly, massage guns can help the body release dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals are responsible for happiness and general body relaxation, but you need to know the right spots to hit and with just the right amount of pressure. Because the massage gun may improve circulation and decrease stress, your brain is more likely to maintain an optimal level of oxygen and alertness, which assists in maintaining an optimal sense of focus. Add this to any Trigger Point/ Myofascial, Deep Tissue or Medical massage service.


About 15 minutes of Energy Healing done at the beginning of your massage to promote deeper relaxation, bring balance to your energy & emotions, and to aide in releasing muscle tension. Add this to a Hand & Hot Stone or Prenatal massage.

Silicone Cupping

Cupping therapy removes the oxygen when placing the cup on the skin, creating negative pressure that draws the skin into the silicone cup & the therapist moves the cups across the skin. The technique moves blood through the body stimulating better circulation on target areas, relieves muscle tension & promotes cell repair. It gives the benefits of a Deep Tissue massage but without the pressure. Try this with any Deep Tissue, Trigger Point/ Myofscial, Medical, Swedish, Couples or 4 Handed massage service!