What is

Sports Massage

It’s so easy to count it out, but recovery is an important step of any training program. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the gym or getting ready to run your next marathon. Any kind of exercise puts your body through wear and tear, so you want to give your muscles and tendons the opportunity to properly repair. This is why many active people opt for a form of massage therapy called a sports massage. It’s not like the one you’d typically receive at the spa. Instead, a sports massage is a treatment aimed at preventing injuries and keeping you in tip- top shape.

This service is a completely customized massage incorporated with assisted stretching throughout. Increases mobility, flexibility, and helps to improve muscle function. Specifically designed for athletes of all sports. Muscle/ muscle group isolation and stretch them in a variety of ways. Sports massage is a treatment designed to prevent injuries and muscle repair to keep you in tip- top shape. The massage Gun may be included upon request. Best paired with CBD and/ or cupping.

60 Minutes Sports Massage
90 Minutes Sports Massage
Silicone cupping penetrates up to 4″ deep into the tissue stimulating circulation and increasing blood flow at the cup site promoting faster elimination of waste products in our bodies.You can feel an immediate reduction in pain. Cupping can prevent blood clots, great for athletes for increasing range in motion, decreasing muscle soreness and excellent for pre or post workouts or events and many auto-immune conditions. Clients may add this to almost any service on our menu. Mainly it is recommended and mostly used along withour Sports massages. Please allow additional time if you are including cupping with your service.
To add this to your service, please include an additional $10
Disclaimer: Cupping is contraindicated for the following (not limited to): Pacemaker, prenatal, ports, tattoos less than 8 weeks old, Vericose or Spider Veins, Electrolosis, Lazering in the last week, Body Waxing, Self/ Spray Tanning in the last week & Recent Trauma in the last 8 weeks (fall, injury). Cupping can leave swelling and red marks in areas where it was performed anywhere from 5-14 days.